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The Soft Girl Era

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

The soft girl era is the decolonization of the strong black woman syndrome. For centuries Black women have been compared and contrasted to super heroes. This harmful comparison has made some black women believe that we have to be the super hero in our lives as well as everyone else’s. Constantly putting others needs and feelings before our own, and prioritizing ourselves last. This way of thinking and living has done more damage than good. The strong Black Woman syndrome comes with anxiety, Frustration, disappointment, exhaustion and burn out and many other complicated things to journey through. Unlearning this harmful behavior is not an easy task I mean it was passed down from generations from several hundred years ago. But don’t worry ladies because the Soft Girl Era is on the rise 💕🫶🏾

The Soft Girl era is learning how to flow in your feminine energy unapologetically. To be intentional about a safe space where you can be delicate and being in an environment where flowers bloom. Think about what a flower needs to bloom. You need some sun shine ☀️ some rain or water 💦 a seed and some soil. All off these essentials have a purpose attached to it, but they all also have one common goal and thats TO CREATE A BEAUTIFUL FLOWER.

Soil can be described as a mixture of organic matter, minerals gases, liquids and organisms that together support life. WHAT DOES YOUR LIFE’S SOIL CONSIST OF? The sun can be described as the heavenly body in our solar system whose light makes our day. WHAT OR WHO IN YOUR LIFE IS SERVING AS YOUR SUN? Rain has a unique purpose to be a major component of the water cycle. Rain is responsible for putting most of the fresh water on earth to give life or to help sustain the life of living and non living things. WHO OR WHAT IS WATERING YOU? A seed can be described as a small object produced by a plant in which a new plant can GROW. WHAT SEEDS ARE YOU PLANTING?

Now that you have the blue print. Go out and enjoy living the soft girl life. Prioritize yourself, place yourself in environments that’s conducive to growing, water yourself daily and plant the seeds that produces the Woman you want to be 💕 Once you experience this bliss you will never go back. I’m a living witness 🫶🏾

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