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In this Life…..

In this lifetime I want to Love without limits! 

No Limits like I was a soldier from New orleans. 

No limits like 1st Corithians 13:4-7

No limits like feeling naked but being fully clothed, 

allergic to the bare minimum but having the safe space to be bare , like your soul exposed 

No limits like being understood in a world full of people who lack comprehension

No Limits like someone looking at you, but has vision that penetrates the surface, so when they look at you they view you with the right intentions 

so when you say it's nothing they just give you a BARE hug, because they understand in this moment you're just having trouble articulating your feelings

In this life I want to love without Limits........

No limits like speaking the contents of my heart freely without the fear of being misunderstood, or speaking from the depths of love I feel in my heart without people thinking you're living in a fairy tale.

I mean like unconditional, and healthy love is something we all don't deserve. 

Is it so far-fetched to want to give genuine love out and receive it in return?

In this lifetime I want to love without limits...

I want to be able to look at someone and tell them what God told me to tell them while I prayed for them.

No limits like speaking to the King in a man when he needs to be reminded who he is.

No limits like having hard conversations that are extremely emotional, but they break chains of fear, anxiety and disappointment that had you held captive for as long as you can remember.

No limits like being able to fall apart and be my most vulnerable self because I've found a safe space with someone who only wants the best for me .

No limits like being able to say the things you alway think but never say out loud because you think ppl just won't get it.

No limits like being able to correct the ppl you love without them feeling offended, because you produce daily fruit that shows them even in your correction there is Love still in it

In this Life I want to LOVE without limits

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You said it, you shall have it!!

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