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The Sun is shining, but its freezing!

Don't you just love a suuny day? Have you ever noticed when the sun is shinning you're in a good mood? The rays of the sun seem to hit you in such a way, you just can't help but smile. It's a beautiful feeling. Everyone is outside, they look happy, their dressed nice the energy is just good!!!!! When the summer months are winding down all the smiles seem to be fading away for some odd reason, but there is always a day in the fall that brings that summer joy back.

Have you ever looked outside on a November Morning and the sun was beaming, the skies were clear and you just wanted to feel the sun on your face. Like me if you're from a midwest state, Chicago to be exact you know this situation all to well. You looked outside and seen the sun shinning and instantly got excited. You put on some cute clothes, some lip gloss and a cute fall jacket and smiled at yourslef in the mirror. You walked around your apartment gathering all the essential things you needed to leave the house for a few hours. you grabbed your keys, sprayed your last spray of chanel chance, cut off all the lights and headed out. You finally made it outside and literally is was beautiful!!! the Sun was shinning, the leaves were the perfect rust orange color and peple were out trying to soak up the sun. As happy as you were about the sun you couldnt help but notice it was cold as hell outside. you felt tricked and immedialy put your hand in your pockets lol.

I am learnining that we expereince the same thing in life. This thing called seasons, and a gift called grace. We all go through different season in our lives that God allows to teach us lessons, builds character, learn how to stabalize our emotions and some times discover what we were created to do. 2020 has been one hell of a season for us all in one way or another. As for me the sun was shinning on me as it relates to God covering me, blessing me and providing a grace over my life that I really can't articulate into words. All I can compare it to is the sun shining. Although the sun has been shinning it has been extremely cold. In this case the cold symbolizes the challenges I still faced. The stress, the umcofortable feelings of new people and new enviorments, the fears and insecurites, the lack of motivation, and the feeling of wanting to give up. DID I MENTION THE STRESS? Man, It was rough! But imagine having such a grace on your life that no matter what challenges you faced, God allowed you to overcome them some kind of way. YALL I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I MANAGED TO BE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF SOME OF THE THINGS I HAVE BEEN THROUGH! However when you understand that grace is not something you earn, but a gift you've been given all I can say is the sun was shinning on me despite how cold it got.

I am extremly grateful for the different seasons. Especially the season of 2020.

" The sun was shinning on Me"

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