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Be Stingy With Your Personal Space!

Your personal space is sacred. Everybody does not belong there, nor should they be invited. One of the main reason you have to screen who is allowed to be in your space is because your personal space is like a bubble. When people are allowed there great things should take place. Things like honesty, vulnerability,trust,motivation, prayer, laughter, protection, forgiveness, understanding,fun, joy, being able to fall apart and be able to be built back up all in the same space.

It’s unfortunate, but in the world we live in today. We constantly have to be on guard. We have to guard or protect ourselves from People!! The people at home, the people at work, the people in the streets , and even the people that pretend to like us. We have to protect ourselves from systems of oppression!!!The justice system, the systems of government, the health care system and even the educational system.

This can become quite overwhelming at times. There is just so much going on that you can’t “get caught slipping”. Have you ever heard of the saying “ To be aware is to be alive “ This is how we live most of our lives looking over our shoulders, being observant and being cautious of people and places . So much so that when you are able to get in your bubble you should feel some Sense of relief .

Your personal space is sacred. Everybody does not belong there, nor should they be invited . You never want to put yourself in a position where you have to constantly be observant, looking over your shoulder and being cautious in a space that’s meant for you to relax, laugh, experience joy, fall apart, be vulnerable and experience honesty and truth.

Be stingy with your personal space!


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Latoya Smiter
Latoya Smiter
Jul 13, 2020

I agree with all of this luv! Thanks for sharing.


Absolutely love this!

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